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Toyota MR2 Mk1 £49.95




Galvanised Toyota MR2 MK1 sill 125cm (approx)



£49.95 MR2 MK1 sill









Items will be posted on receipt of cleared funds.



Delivery to some parts of Ireland and Scottish Borders negotiable Delivery

to other countries apart from UK also negotiable.



Mobile: 07778291728.







March 1985, Launched in UK


October 1985, Cosmetic changes-colour coded bumpers,spoilers,skirts.


October 1986, T-Bar introduced, supercharger an option with 145 bhp


October 1988,Leather Trim,


April 1990 Toyota MR2 MK2 replaces the MR2 MK1.



Toyota MR2 MK1 History.


This was Japans first mid engined sports car and was and still is a ultra

reliable car and an excellent car to drive. The MK1 Toyota MR2 was an

affordable mid engined sports car and with the Fiat X19 coming to an end

the Toyota MR2 MK1 had no other competition. It had a 16-valve normally

aspirated engine producing 122 bhp which was incredible in 1985.

The Toyota MR2 MK1 feels nimble and tight through the corners but is

very forgiving as well. Today the Toyota MR2 MK1 still looks and feels like

a proper little sports car and could well be the next future classic.



About Us.


We were looking for a 2 seater sports car to buy which was not only

affordable but which looked good and had a good turn of speed, we came

across a Toyota MR2 MK1 in 1992 which was excellent mechanically but

the lower part of the MK1 MR2 had succumbed to signs of the old tin

worm, we stripped the side skirts off the MK1 MR2 and noticed the sills

were shot. The old sills were removed and then we had the task of finding replacements, this is when the problem started. We rang round the main

dealers but they had no stock of the sills, so we rang the local motor

factors again no one had any stock, we then made a template from the

form of the Toyota MR2 MK1 sill and was just about to go and see if we

could find a sill to replace our tin wormed sill when we got a phone call

stating that a motor factor had found one in a corner, I picked the sill up for

£95.00 and spoke to an engineers to see if he could manufacture another

one which he did this was exactly the same so we asked him to replicate

the Toyota MR2 Mk1 sills for us and this is how the business started.









.Please note, that even though our sills have been pressed from an original design they can fluctuate

in size by millimeters.